Let's get started - simply place an order and make a note in the delivery instructions that this order is to be a regular 'Do It For Me' order each week or fortnight until further notice - it's that easy.

Read on for more details about our Do It For Me service...

Do you want Canberra's fresh and fruit and veg to arrive on your doorstep like magic?  Of course you do?   But you often forget to order before the cut-off don't you?

Well never fear - help is here with our Do It For Me service.

What is 'Do It For Me'

With 'Do It For Me' your fresh fruit and veg order will conveniently show up on your door step each week or fortnight without you having to remember to go to our website and place your order before the cut-off!  It's set and forget.

Customer experience

Your automatic delivery service saves me time and energy!  Even having reminders in my calendar did not guarantee getting my order in time. Of course from time to time, our requirements change, but the team at Vegies to Your Door are happy to update as needed.  They certainly value customers!  My family and I love receiving our vegies and fruit and welcome Will when he arrives, quite often the 3 children and possibly 2 dogs greet him at the front door with enthusiasm! - Liz.

Can I select the fruit and veg that will be in my 'Do It For Me' order?

It’s simply your choice!   You can either leave it to us to deliver one of our carefully packed seasonal boxes or you can choose the contents of your own box from the shopping list on the website.  This is the order that will be delivered to you each week or fortnight.  The contents of our seasonal boxes change with each season and are great value.

What if I want some different things in my box one week?

If you have any changes to make to your order simply email us at customercare@vegiestoyourdoor.com.au letting us know as soon as you can of any changes you would like to make to your 'Do It For Me' order.

How do I set up a 'Do It For Me' delivery

Simply go to our website (oh, you are already here!) - and place an order as you would normally by either choosing a seasonal box or by selecting the contents of your own box! 

Simply make the following notes in the delivery instructions area:

Note that ‘this is to be a regular 'Do It For Me' delivery until further notice'.

Also in the delivery instructions:

  • Let us know if there is anything you do not want in your seasonal box if applicable (we accept up to 3 dislikes, it's also handy for our packers if you let us know what you would like instead if possible)
  • Let us know what day and how often (weekly or fortnightly) you require a delivery

How do I pay for my 'Do It For Me' orders?

Your order must be paid for by credit card, so that we can automatically charge the future orders to that same card. (Please note, if you select the contents of your own box rather than a seasonal box, that prices may vary week to week within no more than a $10 range of your initial order – sometimes prices will be up slightly or down slightly. However, if you choose a seasonal box where we choose the contents for you, the price will remain the same each delivery).

**In regards to FREE delivery on your DIFM order - we use the first $5.50 delivery fee as an admin fee to set up your reoccurring order, also if you order is under $50 the delivery fee continues to apply.  

What if I am going away and don't need my order?

Simply let us know by email to customercare@vegiestoyourdoor.com.au and we will put your 'Do It For Me' orders ON HOLD until you return.

So let's get started - simply place an order and make a note in the delivery instruction that it is to be a 'Do It For Me' order each week or fortnight until further notice - it's that easy!

Do you want FREE DELIVERY FOREVER? Of course you do!

All you need to do is set up a Do It For Me order to the value of $50 or more of fruit and veg, and you will automatically qualify for free delivery!  Please see our Free Delivery Forever page for things you need to know about this offer.

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