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What are our customers saying?

We started ordering from Vegies to your Door a few months ago and couldn't be happier. The produce is so fresh and tastes soooo much better than store-bought produce. Since we started ordering we have not had to throw a single thing away. Produce always lasts 2 weeks - we even had snow peas that had ended up wedged at the back of the fridge that would have been at least 3 weeks old - perfect! I have learned, since using VTYD that things I used to refer to as produce that "just doesn't keep" actually because they weren't anywhere near fresh when purchased. Herbs, strawberries, baby spinach, all things I would only buy if I was going to use them in the next 48-72 hours; and even then they'd be past their best. With VTYD I made dinner the other night with week old basil and baby spinach followed by yoghurt with week old strawberries. Perfection! Love the convenience of being able to get bakery bread delivered with the order and were really impressed with the couple of things we ordered from the butcher last time. Couldn't fault the customer service either. Would recommend VTYD to anyone! - Elise T - 13th August 2015.

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