9 Types of Foods that Should be Avoided During Pregnancy

Avoided During Pregnancy

It is important to have a well balanced diet at all times but it is more essential to have proper meals when one is pregnant. There happens to be certain minerals, vitamins and nutrients that your baby requires. Although most of the food is said to be safe, however there are some food items that should be avoided keeping the baby’s health in mind.
The list of such food involves;

1.Partially cooked or raw eggs

The egg yolk or egg whites must be cooked completely, if it is not cooked thoroughly it increases the risk of poisoning or salmonella food. Don’t even consider having items that contain such raw eggs for instance homemade mayonnaise, hollandaise sauces, custards or creams.

2.Vitamin A or liver products

Avoid having liver sausage or liver pate as they contain loads of vitamin A. Also, any kind of supplements containing vitamin A or fish liver oil supplements should not be taken by pregnant ladies as it harms the baby.

3.Fish containing mercury

Mercury that is consumed during the time of pregnancy is said to have given brain damage or developmental delays to the baby. Those kinds of fishes involve king mackerel, shark, tile fish and sword fish. Also, canned tuna should be eaten in moderation as it does contain little amount of mercury.

4.Raw shellfish

Illness regarding sea-food borne is majorly caused by shellfishes that are under cooked and it includes clams, oysters and mussels. Raw shell fish are a matter of concern and hence should be completely taken out of your food diet when expecting.

5.Soft cheese

Yes, the food items that one should not look at, also includes soft cheese as it contains high amount of listeria. Cheese like feta, Roquefort, brie, Gorgonzola, Camembert, and Mexican cheese like queso fresco and queso blanco, must not be eaten unless made by pasteurized milk.


Although few studies state that having it in moderation is acceptable but there are quite a few which states that it can lead to miscarriages. During first trimester it should be avoided as it has diuretic properties which eliminate body fluids, resulting in loss of calcium and water. Hence it is essential that you have plenty of milk, water and juices and calcium filled food rather caffeinated drinks. Caffeine might also result in premature birth, infant’s withdrawal symptoms and low weight.


No amount of this is proved to be good. Alcohol must be avoided completely. The health development of the child is highly disturbed when alcohol is consumed, also leading to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other disorders. Even after the delivery and during the period of breastfeeding, it should be avoided.

8.Packaged salads

Packaged fruits or vegetables those including from salad bars and buffets have a risk of contamination of listeria.

9.Smoked sea-food

Smoked sea food that is refrigerated, also known as kippered, nova style, lox or jerky must be avoided too due to presence of listeria.
Foods that can turn out to be life threatening or poisonous for your child should be avoided, and the list of food given above might turn out to be infectious, hence should be take special care of.