Fast Food? Now a Threat to Health!


Filled with ultra processed and empty calories, fast food is increasing the risk of cancer and obesity. Fast food, anywhere in the world, is trying their level best to offer healthful options, but to no avail. Their menus are going through changes but its effects on the human body aren’t.

Data from Centres for disease control and prevention (CDC), shows that around 36.6% adults in U.S happens to eat fast food on a daily basis. Moreover, a study also states that most parents in Connecticut purchase unhealthy fast food for children.

The research states, the fast food popularity has brought about a great change in the food environment of the people which is leading to an increase in obesity and chronic conditions in the US, a major reason for death in the country today.

How does it affect one’s life?

Since the lives of the people today have become busy and thanks to social media, it is leaving people with no time in hand, parents prefer feeding their children and families in a hassle free, convenient and quick method. What people do not realise that though it is a convenient option, it comes at the cost of poor nutrition, cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc.

For years fast food, has played us in both negative and positive ways. While it has boosted the economy to a certain extent, its preparation method is usually forgotten. This processed eatable includes harmful bacteria in the making and is affecting not only America but several other countries. Advertising agencies are cleverly and cunningly enticing children leading them to develop bad habits along with intoxicating their health. Fast food chain has gone on to reach schools as well and hence the rise in obesity is inescapable. Children today are also facing mental issues due to the same. Heart disease and high cholesterol are few major diseases which is caused through this.

Moreover, girls face the problem of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) today, majorly due these unhealthy eating habits. Irregular periods and not being able to give birth are also severe results of eating such food. Fast food firms target children as they know they are their potential consumers and expose them to it through media. As the media connection is expanding, companies are easily having access through television, billboards, and also through schools.

Today, if one is looking to feed themselves in a cheaper manner, or if one has to just enjoy the taste without caring about its effects then there are innumerable fast food cafes and joints to choose from. Since it has become the obvious answer for every food misery we go through people are not putting in a second thought towards it and are eating it blindly. They are putting their health at stake in exchange of taste and convenience.

However, it does not imply that it should be stopped completely but more thought should be put behind while consuming it, and always find a better alternative when hungry because honestly, nothing is worth taking reproductive, digestive, skeletal issues for such food.