Foods You Should Avoid Eating on the Plane

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Dining above the clouds may sound romantic to a lot of people, but this mental picture can actually become a nightmare for flyers. Due to the lag time between when the food is prepared and served, the risk of bacteria can be higher while on board. Here’s a list of what you should not eat during your journey.

Ice cubes

You may like the idea of having some ice cubes with your drinks. However, it’s best to avoid asking for some on a flight. If nor handled well by the flight attendants, it could result in contamination. This is especially true if the attendants are not wearing gloves and have not washed their hands before scooping the blocks of ice for you.

Ready-to-eat meats

Most sandwiches generally use cold cuts. These are best avoided because they can easily be contaminated with bacteria, plus they are not heated before being served

Tea or Coffee

Avoid having such beverages too as the water used for the same can be contaminated and those with vulnerable immune system may easily fall sick due to this.

Fruits and vegetables

If the food involving veggies and fruits is not stored and transported right can actually wreck havoc with your system as they become the breeding ground for bacteria in humid conditions


Diary food products like yogurt, ice-creams, cottage cheese etc should be avoided as they are spoiled quiet easily. If consumed, these dairy products can actually give you upset tummy and can also cause you loose motion.


Some flights tend to serve oysters and shrimps. Both of these sea food dishes can result in a serious bout of vomiting if not cleaned, stored and transported well. Hence, its best to avoid food like shrimps and oysters while travelling rather than risk getting a tummy infection.


Some people tend to go overboard with booze on a flight. There’s beer, wine and cocktails to choose from, which often leads to people over indulging even on a flight. However, its best avoided as alcohol lowers the level of oxygen in your blood. Also, the air in an aircraft is generally dry, so, that coupled with the diuretic effect of alcohol, May leave you feeling highly dehydrated.
Try the following foods when flying instead

Soups or curries

Soups and curry are really a great option as they are generally cooked and heated prior to serving, killing any bacteria. Pre-packaged bakery items, fruits, which have to be peeled before eating and sealed bottles of water or soda cans are a good bet.

Prepare homemade snacks

A little hardwork will go a long way, besides packing your clothes and other such essentials, one can also pack healthy bites like, carrots, red peppers sugar peas, cucumber and put it in a ziplock bag. Packing foods like crackers, dried fruits, unsalted nuts, energy bars are an healthy option as compared to junk food.
Hence, its best to eat light cooked meals on the flight so as to avoid unwanted circumstances.