Healthy Food for Children

Food for Children

Why eating healthy food is so important for kids?

As we all are aware how common fast food commercials are and also how mouth-watering. In todays time making ours kids to eat healthy has become a struggle. With the easily available junk food right at the end of a phone call. The busy schedule of a parent can certainly to lead to unhealthy eating habits of a child. Eating healthy food can certainly have profound impact on the wellbeing of a child. Not only does it improves the physical wellbeing but also it brings emotional stability among humans in general and also to prevent conditions like ADHD, dyslexia, bipolar etc. It is extremely important to maintain weight from an early age to avoid problems ahead in life.

Introduce Healthy Food Habits

No matter how old the child is weather a toddler or a teenage everyone is attracted to unhealthy food items naturally. To introduce Healthy food habitsit is important to make the food look appealing to the child. It is important to make the boring food look attractive and tasty.

  • Disguise the food. Disguise the healthy food into something that one would want to eat like you could serve a dip along with the slices of apple or could add vegetables to a plain beef soup.
  • Maintain a healthy diet yourself. Children tend to imitate the elders around them. You must not ask a child to eat vegetables while you munch on fries in fact you must have the vegetables to introduce the value of healthy eating among your child. You need to set an example rather than forcing the child to eat healthy.
  • Portion control. You need to serve the child according to the need of the child and the child should never be forced to clean the plate. The food should not be used as a reward or for bribing.

Limit Refined and Sugar Carbs

Refined or simple carbohydrates are refined grains or sugars that are not healthy and do not contain nutrients or fibers. Food items like white bread, pizza dough, pastries, white rice etc. are such types of food items that must be limited. A certainly receives all the sugar it needs from the food they consume they don’t need any extra consumption of sugar. The artificial sugars or preservatives consumed are nothing but just empty calories that are harmful for the body.

Consumption of Fats

Consumption of healthy fats are very important for the children as it could help to keep them full and could also increase their concentration. Poly-saturated fats and Monosaturated fats are two types of fats that are good types of fats that should be consumed and are considered healthy fats. Whereas on the other hand Trans fats are unhealthy fats and should be avoided.


Along with healthy food it is also important to introduce the child to any sort of physical activity that could be any sport or also exercise. Along with eating healthy It is very important for a child to be physically active also at the same time.