Interesting Food Magazines to Read when in Leisure

Read when in Leisure

Print media, journals and zines are enjoying the sudden renaissance, when it comes to the food universe. There are few amazing magazines one should be exploring right now as there’s so much to know about food and different cuisines from different cities and countries as that is what we live for.

Lucky Peach

Food journalism happens to rate lucky peach the hottest food journal today. This magazine is smart, quirky and without a doubt impulsively readable. It focuses on singular theme issues, from the Apocalypse to china-town, and showcases photos, essays, art and insanely advanced and flavoured recipes from well known names.

Edible Communities

A publication based on communities which flawlessly centres on farming, locally oriented dishes, artisans and restaurant ethics. They are definitely worth a pick when one is free and looking for some city’s local nourishment scenes.


A Portland layout showcases lust worthy dinner photographs hosted by humans arriving in classy row boats. A guide to tell you how to go about a perfect gathering; however the focus here too is food. The pictures are casted in gauzy haze, featuring simplistic portraits.


A photographer named Per-Anders Jorgenson has created this super Swedish magazine along with his wife Lotta. This astounding magazine is a visual treat as it explores the Italian theme, where it touches everything from cannolis to wine to coffee.

Garden and Gun

A southern magazine filled with hunting dogs, wessons and smith and great amount of pimento cheese and biscuits. This magazine lovingly portrays innately southern things, with several recipes and meals that will certainly leave you drooling as you keep turning the glossy pages.


This articulate magazine is such a treat for readers as it explores different societies, literatures, cultures, history etc through food with scholarly opinions and views than most others. From amazing stories varying from lion meat being sold in the black market in United States to giving a detailed knowledge on organic farming and its politics. Gastronomica basically appeals and attracts all those intellectuals who dig for information on philosophy and anthropology.

The art of eating

Is a periodical, flawlessly edited by Edward Behr, a well known food writer, which has been around for almost 25 years now. A read that is well written and thoughtful, ranks to the top of American food rags, diving deep into the stuff we eat and how it’s produced. It consists of various articles which are scribed by recognizable and notable writers.

Alimentum journal

Is a journal that is quiet literary, where the food is its muse. Fascinating poetic tales of family and travel, and is wonderfully centres on food and acts as an inspiration for movement and awesome memories. Currently there are thirteen issues available.

White Zinfandel

Is a food magazine which incredibly sustains the food visual manifestation and the production of culture by creative individuals. It lays out for you high fashion and unimaginable food shoots, which is meticulously mixed with high concept food art. Each issue portrays lip smacking food theme, besides that it includes a managed dinner which is flawlessly orchestrated by chef’s working within bounds and in accordance of that theme, you’d certainly love to put an eye on this one.