List of Super Healthy Food Items

Healthy Foods

We always wonder which food items are actually healthy and will they benefit us?

Whenever we think about healthy Food we automatically tend to consider it non tasty and unappealing but simply that’s not the case as there are a lot of food items that are tasty and healthy both. By adding vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins to your plate your making it healthy and also appealing at the same time.

Berries and Fruits

Berries and Fruits can be easily incorporated in your diet as they need very less or no preparation at all also the intake of fruits and berries is considered naturally healthy as no preservatives are used and they are natural in nature. Fruits and berries are very famous and are recommended as they are not only healthy but they also improves skin. Apples, Bananas, Avocado, Oranges etc are very important and must be incorporated in our diets.


Eating unprocessed home cooked meat is very healthy and is needed by bodies. Lamb, Lean beef and chicken all three are very healthy. Lean beef can be included while on a low carb diet as it is a very good source of protein and is also rich in bioavailable-iron. Whereas lamb is high in Omega- 3 fatty acid and Chicken breasts are low in calorie and fat but are high in protein and also it is a very good source of nutrients.

Seeds and Nuts

Even though Seeds and Nuts are high in fats and calories but they can actually help you in losing weight. Seeds and Nuts are filling and full of nutrients that keeps us full for a long time and also you need no preparation to eat them. Almonds, Peanuts, Chia seeds, Walnuts etc are some Seeds and Nuts all of them have different benefits and must be consumed.

Seafood and Fish

Seafood and Fish are considered very healthy and nutritious. They are rich in iodine and omega-3 fatty acid. Mostly people are deficient of these nutrients. Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp, Shellfish etc are different types of seafood and fishes that should be consumed.


Carbs are rich in fat and are not recommended on a low-fat diet. Not all types of grains are healthy but some of them are and should be consumed. Like brown rice and oats. Brown rice is a good source of vitamin B1, magnesium and fibre whereas oats are a rich source of fibre and nutrients, beta glucans is one of the most nutritious fibre found in oats.


There are too many types of vegetables available and are also considered very healthy and is most recommended in all stages of life. Vegetables are low in calorie which makes them healthy. Carrots, Cucumber, Bell peppers, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Kale are few types of vegetables that must be incorporated in the diet.


Some of the foods mentioned above can be considered as a good snack and also high in vitamin and anti-oxidants. One must always keep changing their diets and should include different foods to their diet as the body requires all types of nutrients which can be received only by consuming all types of food items.