Tips to Avoid Food Cravings


Cravings for salty, fatty or sweet dishes are so normal, but yet it can seem like a sin when it starts weakening our will power to follow a proper diet. At times it’s intense and at times just irresistible and can turn out to be impossible to control. Satisfying these cravings can actually turn into a habit. So to stop acting on impulse and regretting over the guilty pleasures every now and then, follow these few strategies that can help keep your food cravings at bay.


Getting enough sleep is crucial as lack of sleep can make you hungry leading you to have cravings. Right amount of sleep would stop you on munching just about anything and everything.

Identify what triggers your craving

You can’t deny that emotional eating is truly an actual phenomenon. If looked at closely you may realise that depression or stress do worsen your craving conditions. Also, today the media is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to advertising the junk food. Having easy access to the photos of juicy burgers and cheesy pizzas will certainly develop a want. Situations that can lead you to feel things should be avoided or handled with care.

Make the item you are craving for highly inaccessible

Doesn’t matter if you are in love with brownies or cupcakes, if you take the initiative by being brave and not keeping it in the refrigerator or at work place, you are half way there. It is likely that once you start craving for such sweets and you realise that it’s beyond your reach you tend to calm down on the appetite. Rather always try and keep a healthy snack close to you, so as to whenever you yearn for something you end up filling yourself but in a healthy manner.

Maintain food journal

Sounds funny isn’t it? But if you are really taking your size and your diet seriously then, why the hell not? It may not completely detach you from the need but once you start pointing down the fats and calories a steak or pasta might give you, you’d naturally put a break. It will also assist you in identifying the particular times when your hunger or itching is at the strongest.

Healthy breakfast is a must

At times it’s your diet that is weak and puts you in a vulnerable position too. For instance, if you’re so called healthy diet includes eating only Danish or sugary cereals for breakfast then you are surely going to starve after a while. Make sure that your diet and especially your breakfast gives you enough protein and fibre. Keeping a check on this would surely get your cycle of food craving in control.

A gum to the rescue

Having piece of gum can effectively curb down your food longing when it strikes. A study done in the year 2015 stated that chewing a gum reduces the urge and appetite of a person, and the effects of it is attributed to the chewing process. So don’t feel lazy to throw a gum in your mouth as it really is a healthy alternative.