Top Healthy Takeaway Tips For Local Patrons

food market

Eating healthy can feel like a full-time job.

Especially when you want to settle for a quick meal on the road or in transit, there can be outlets that only offer cheap, prepackaged and fatty foods that don’t tick any of the necessary boxes.

What can consumers do when they are boxed into these situations?

Healthy takeaway should not be such a confined niche because health conscious eaters also want the joy and convenience of being a patron outside of their own home kitchen space.

Here we will outline some simple strategies that will make this exercise easier for all participants.

Scour The Market

Arguably the hardest activity of engaging healthy takeaway options is finding a provider who can actually match your dietary requirements. This is where the advent of the shared economy and the expansion of apps, social media accounts and websites makes for a simpler exercise. Do some preparation and research and locate outlets that actually have a wide menu variety, vegetarian options, salads and more. If they are rated well in these categories by other patrons, that will be the best starting point.

Stick to Main Meals Without Indulging on Entrees, Desserts and Snacks

Unless it is your scheduled cheat meal time where you have more freedom and latitude to branch out, the healthy takeaway option should be condensed to a main meal. Whether the goal is to lose weight or to manage cholesterol, items that are in the entrée, dessert and snack categories are usually ones to avoid. Many of them will be filler to allow cooks extra time to plate the meals, a domain that provides plenty of issues for these types of consumers.

Ordering Hungry is a Recipe for Disaster

The worst strategy that consumers can use when trying to acquire healthy takeaway options is to make their order when they are hungry and famished. This is where it is easy to start ordering larger portions and additional snacks and meals because everything appears enticing on an empty stomach. Being a smart eater and avoiding fatty foods is as much about the quantity as the quality of the food.

Preference The Order With Low Fat and Low Calorie Menu Items

One of the best methods of combating this overeating or over ordering behaviour is to select healthy takeaway options that are packed with low fat foods. From vegetables and salads to soups, tofu and fresh fish, there are alternatives that can be sourced that will satisfy those hunger cravings but won’t pack on the calories. In many of these examples, patrons will still be able to enjoy a hearty and delicious meal without having to compromise on quality.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions and Make Demands (Within Reason)

There will be establishments that want to attract the business of healthy takeaway eaters, even if that means going the extra mile on particular food demands. Especially for vegans and vegetarians who have to locate businesses that cater to their special provisions, it is paramount that customers feel empowered to ask for meals to be curated to their preference within reason. By replacing some extra fats or sugars that can be present in breakfasts, lunches and dinners, individuals can better manage their calorie intake.


The fact of the matter is there will be some fast food outlets and corner stores that won’t be able to meet your healthy takeaway needs. In a free and open market that is fine – sometimes there are some limits and restrictions that have to be respected. Yet most businesses catering to visitors and local consumers will want to do everything they can to attract additional business and not close themselves off from these patrons.