Top Taco Tips: How To Make Mexican Dish Pop

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Making tacos at home is a fun way of feeding the household without blowing the family budget.

It is a fairly straightforward activity on the surface, but there are some simple techniques and incidents to avoid that can really improve the quality of these meals.

Here we will examine some of the top tips to improve this delicious dish in the kitchen.

Tip 1: Know Your Spice Level

Tacos by their very nature will have that added degree of spice. This is a cuisine that is crafted with a great deal of Latin flare and passion, but patrons can choose their own spice level depending on their personal tolerance threshold and taste preferences. This will range from the very low and mild all the way to extremely hot. Consider the inclusion of chili powder, paprika and black pepper to either increase or decrease the spice.

Tip 2: Include Protein (Within The Right Portion)

No more than 30-40% of any taco inside should include a protein like beef, pork or chicken. This will be the signature ingredient for the meal, but it should not completely dominate the food. Gluten-free and vegetarian eaters can opt for other solutions through tofu, onion or mushrooms as a complimentary option, yet it should still continue that same degree of portion control to achieve the perfect balance.

Tip 3: Remember To Heat The Tacos Correctly

There is nothing more frustrating for guests or patrons to be eating a stale cold taco that has not been heated. This is an oversight that leads to logistical problems where the ingredients can melt and force the exterior to crack. By placing them inside a preheated oven for even a short duration of 15-20 minutes, they will receive a crispy texture that can easily absorb the meat and sauce. Others who love to have a fried exterior for added taste and texture can use a frying pan on high heat for a shorter duration of 2-3 minutes. If time pressure is a major factor, they can be put into the microwave for 30 seconds, but the oven is the best method to achieve authentically heated tacos.

Tip 4: Keep The Sauce and Meat Off The Bottom

A rookie mistake that many individuals make is filling the taco first with the cooked protein and sauce before complimenting the item with the garnish. Especially when the sauce has not been allowed to rest and settle for a few minutes, that extreme heat can force the taco to crack. For those that are using lettuce or a fresh garnish, it is worthwhile placing this ingredient in first to act as a barrier. This is a cuisine that can become very messy very quickly, so avoid this mistake and place the meat and sauce on a higher level.

Tip 5: Freshly Sourced Spread and/or Garnish

With the crunchy exterior of the taco and the heated meat inside, there is a balance that has to be sourced with this meal. There is a blank canvas of possibilities to include in this creation, ranging from coleslaw to guacamole, sour cream, salsa, onions, spinach, lettuce and more. If it smells and tastes fresh, it will be the perfect inclusion for the meal.


Making tacos at home is fun for a number of reasons. Not only is it easier compared to other types of cuisines, but it is incredibly cost effective and open to a variety of creative interpretations. To maximise these ingredients and make the food pop on the plate, follow these tips. That will make the experience all the more pleasurable.